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My specialty is in the art and archaeology of the Ancient-Medieval Mediterranean, particularly in the Late Antique era. I am interested in cross-cultural and inter-media exchange as well as presentation and reception. One area of my research focuses on the decorative arts of antiquity, their later appropriation and reception, aesthetics and phenomenological response. Another area of inquiry focuses on issues related to provenance and authenticity. I am currently working on the interior decoration of the 4th century synagogue at Sardis, late antique painted tombs, images of interiors in the arts and phenomenology and meaning in late antique non-figural imagery.


Forthcoming and recent publications

Forthcoming: R. Gee and V. Rousseau, guest editors, Ancient Mediterranean Painting (Vol. 2), special issue of the journal Arts

Forthcoming: “Late Roman Painted Hypogea at Sardis.” Arts

Forthcoming: “Interiors and the Arts.” In A Cultural History of Interiors, edited by Craig Hardiman and Lisa Trentin, Bloomsbury Academic Press, 2018.

Forthcoming: M. Rautman, V. Rousseau and B. Yildirim. “The Interior decoration of the Sardis Synagogue.” In The Sardis Synagogue, edited by Andrew Seager et al. Harvard University Press.

“Ornament and surface acceptance in Late Antique wall painting.” In Context and Meaning: Actes du XIIe Colloqie de l’Association Internationale pour la Peinture Murale Antique (Athens 16-20 September, 2013), edited by Eric Moormann. Leuven: Babesch, 2017.

V. Rousseau and P. Northover. “Style and Substance: A Bust of a Sasanian Royal Woman as a Symbol of Late Antique Legitimacy.” Journal of Late Antiquity 8.1 (May 2015): 3-31, figs 1-34.

“Paradisiacal Tombs And Architectural Rooms In Late Roman Sardis: Period Styles And Regional Variants.” In Antike Malerei zwischen Lokalstil und Zeitstil: Actes du XIe Colloqie de l’Association Internationale pour la Peinture Murale Antique (Ephesos 13-17 September, 2010), edited by Norbert Zimmermann, 193-98, taf. LXVIII-LXX. Vienna: Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2014.


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