Teaching and Outreach

8 SeminarI try to make the art of ancient cultures relevant to a range of audiences by connecting it to contemporary events and creating real-world, hands-on opportunities for students and the general public to engage with objects and issues.

Courses that I’ve developed at Macalester College, St. Olaf College, the University of Minnesota, and the University of St. Thomas include: Greek and Roman Art in Constructions of Identity (graduate), Ethics in Archaeology and Museums,  Museums: Creating a Digital College Museum, Introduction to Museum Studies, Near Eastern and Islamic Art, Digging into Greek Art, Greek Art and Archaeology, Roman Art and Archaeology, Introduction to Art History, Introduction to Archaeology, Ancient-Medieval Book Arts of the Mediterranean, and Supplemental Writer’s Workshops.

Talks that I’ve presented to popular audiences include: Art Crime in Context, The Politics of Plunder, A Brief History of Looted Art and Archaeology, The Tricky Business of Art Authentication, Protecting Cultural Property During Wartime, King Tut: The Life and Afterlife of the King, Alexander the Great and Greek Tombs,  Archaeology at Sardis, Göbekli Tepe and Visual Wonder. I also organize the annual lecture series for the Minnesota chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America, annual conference sessions for the Ancient Painting Studies Interest Group of the AIA, and tours for the Weisman Art Museum (Ancient-Norman Sicily and Ancient-Byzantine Greece).